My Publications

My Publications:

Peel Island: Paradise or Prison, Stones Corner, the author, 1989

Exiles of Peel Island: Quarantine, Stones Corner, the author, 1991

Exiles of Peel Island: Leprosy, Stones Corner, the author, 1991

Moreton Bay People, volumes 1-5, Stones Corner, the author, 1990s

Chapter ‘Peel Island: Quarantine as Incarceration’ in Islands of incarceration, John Pearn and Peggy Carter [eds]. Brisbane, Amphion Press, 1995

Moreton Bay Chronicle, Stones Corner, the author 1999

Moreton Bay People – The complete Collection, Stones Corner, the author, 2000

Moreton Bay Letters, Stones Corner, the author, 2003

Moreton Bay Reflections, Stones Corner, the author, 2007

Moreton Bay People 2012, Cleveland, the author, 2012


An introduction to Classic Moreton Bay Cruisers, Brisbane, Andrew Harper, 2009

Mater Scripts – A history of the Mater Hospital Pharmacy, Cleveland, the author, 2010

Queensland’s German Connections, Brisbane, Matthew Tesch, Peter Ludlow, Robin Kleinschmidt, 2012

The Port of Brisbane – Its People and its Personalities, Brisbane, the author, 2013

World War I Heroes of the Redlands, Cleveland Library, 2015

George Symons Family History, Cleveland, 2017


Numerous articles in medical, tourist and professional magazines

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The book 'Port of Brisbane, its people and its personalities'
The book ‘Port of Brisbane, its people and its personalities’
The book "Moreton Bay Reflections"
The book “Moreton Bay Reflections”
The ebook - Moreton Bay People, The Complete Collection
“Moreton Bay People, The Complete Collection”

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Peel Island History, A Personal Quest

The ebook “Peel Island History, A Personal Quest”

Peel Island has continued to fascinate me since 1977 – the year I began my researches into its history. All my Moreton Bay books have contained Peel information as it became available – a very slow leaching indeed! Now for the first time I have collected ‘everything Peel’ into a single volume, which I have now published as ‘Peel Island History – A Personal Quest’, an eBook collection of all the material I’ve written about Peel Island in the last 45 years.