Are You Intelligent?

Intelligent people

The guest speaker at our recent Toondah Probus meeting was Norm Hunter, an educator and ex school principal. It was a fascinating talk on the theme of Intelligence. His talk was based on research by Howard Gardner at Harvard who developed the concept of multiple intelligences not just the two that drive the IQ test. These are:

  • Logical-mathematical (number/reasoning smart) 
  • Linguistic (word smart)
  • Spatial-Visual
  • Musical (sound smart) 
  • Bodily-kinesthetic (body smart) 
  • Interpersonal (people smart)
  • Intrapersonal (understanding oneself)
  • Naturalist (nature smart)
  • Spiritual

Norm gave us examples of well-known people who fit each of these intelligent characteristics. I’ll leave you to classify them.

Norm explained to us how the brain worked and the concept of the left and right brain and the skills each side manages. The left side of the brain is concerned with language, number skills, reasoning, scientific skills, spoken language and right-hand control. The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for some of the cognitive functions such as attention, processing of visual shapes and patterns, emotions, verbal ambiguity, and implied meanings.

Norm’s talk concluded with the suggestion that the correct question to ask is not are you intelligent BUT how are you intelligent.