Peel Island History – A Personal Quest

Quest - cover

Peel Island History
A Personal Quest
Peter Ludlow

ISBN: (PDF only) 978-0-9874551-1-6
79,428 words
63 images (37 in colour)
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Peel Island has continued to fascinate me since 1977 – the year I began my researches into its history. All my Moreton Bay books have contained Peel information as it became available – a very slow leaching indeed! Now for the first time I have collected ‘everything Peel’ into a single volume, which I have now published as ‘Peel Island History – A Personal Quest’, an eBook, in PDF form, collection of all the material I’ve written about Peel Island in the last 38 years.
Price per copy is AUD $9.99

Payment Options:

1.To purchase using PayPal or Credit Card, go to My Shop or click here.

2.To purchase by direct deposit.
Email your order to  and deposit your payment using the following account:
Bank: Credit Union Australia
 BSB: 814 282
Account Name: PC & NP Ludlow
Account Number: 308 88471
(Please include your name in the transaction details window to identify your payment)
To purchase your copies by cheque or post office money order, post to:
Peter Ludlow
33/10 Esperance Court, Raby Bay, Qld 4163
NOTE: This PDF book is not available from any other source.

A link to the PDF file will be emailed to you, which you can upload to your computer, iPad, iPhone or any portable device that uses the PDF format.

8 thoughts on “Peel Island History – A Personal Quest

  1. Good Morning Mr Ludlow,
    some years ago I purchased a series of small bocklets by you.Are they still available and if so, how do I buy them


    1. Hello Iain, sorry for the delay in replying. The small booklets (Moreton Bay People volumes 1 to 5) are no longer available individually, but have been reprinted, combined, as “Moreton Bay People – The Complete Collection”.This is still available and may be purchased either from myself directly or from this webpage ( under ‘My Publications’.)


  2. Hi Peter,
    Just purchased your Peel Island A Personal History eBook this morning with payment via PayPal. Have enjoyed reading your posts re Moreton Bay. Looking forward to receiving the eBook.
    Ross Hansen


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