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A former hospital pharmacist,I now devote myself full time as a professional researcher/biographer/author, specializing in, but not limited to, the collecting of local history in the Moreton Bay area. This I disseminate into the community through my self published books, lectures to local community groups, and since 1997, by maintaining an Internet webpage now on this site

As well as my Moreton Bay researches, I have more recently received commissions to write other works such as the history of Brisbane’s Mater Hospital Pharmacy, Queensland’s German Connections (co author), the history of the Port of Brisbane.

In 2013/14 I was a consultant and co-author of a book for the Museum of Brisbane’s exhibition entitled “The Many Lives of Moreton Bay“.

My 2015 writing project was a commission from the Cleveland Library  entitled “World War 1 Heroes of the Redlands“.

Most recently, I have completed a history of the family behind the firm of George Symons Suits, the well known suit maker in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne last century.

18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good morning and I hope this message finds you well. I am very interested in Peel Island. My great grandfather was relocated to Peel Island I am not sure of the year.


  2. Noticed in the Reader’s Forum a photograph of a mystery ship MV Davara.

    My Father, Ted Carter, was the first Chief Engineer. The Davara was built by Halverson’s Ship Builders, Sydney, in 1946/7 for The Australian Petroleum Company (APC). It was stationed in Port Moresby PNG. I was on the jetty when it arrived in Port Moresby in May 1947. It was specially built with a flat bottom to navigate the bars and shallow waters of the Fly and other rivers west of Port Moresby.


  3. Hi Peter. Keep up the great work! I just clicked to purchase a copy of your Peel Island PDF book and none of the payment options seem to work. Thanks.


  4. Hi Peter
    I am the Editor of Queensland Review and I have an article on the early history of St Helena Island, Moreton Bay, which I was hoping you could review. I couldn’t find your email address so I hope you will be able to make contact with me at m.davis@griffith.edu.au
    Thanks – Mike


  5. Hi Peter,
    I have just subscribed to your E book about Peel Island. My father, Joseph Desmond Carmichael alias Carmody was a patient there from 1936 to 1940. Des passed away on 27th July 1953 and was buried in the Toowoomba Cementery. In your note to my niece, Helen McKee, I see where it states that the family believed him to be buried on Peel Island. This is not correct.

    Thank you for your wonderful summation of life on the Island and explaining the difficulty experienced by patients and their families in this time of exclusion.

    I became aware of Dad’s plight about ten years ago after receiving a copy of a letter from the Rector of the Catholic Seminary at Manly (Sydney) to Archbishop Duhig in Brisbane explaining that Des had to leave the seminary because he developed leprosy.

    It is great that we live in a different time frame where family secrets are a thing of the past.

    Yours sincerely,

    Kerry Carmichael


  6. Hello. I searched my Great Great Grandfather Dr Ernst Magnus Wuth and a quote popped up on your site. Does your book Queensland German Connections contain any reference to the Doctor? Thanks


  7. Hi Peter. I was wondering if you have done any research on the history of Boondall Wetlands? I’m doing a project inconjuction with BCC this year, and would like to find some information and stories about it. Thanks Sandra.


  8. Hello Peter, I am writing a short story about some of the steamers on the Albert and Logan Rivers as a display item (not a published book) and i see that you have two wonderful photographs of the Florant on your site. I wonder if I could have your permission to use these photos in the display book? Kind Regards, Dianna, from the Logan River Family History Society.


  9. I read your article on the “Marion/Ferret”. She was owned by my grandfather and i have the original impressment papers.


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