Queensland’s German Connections

Queensland’s German Connections – book cover

“Queensland’s German Connections” has now been reprinted and is again available

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The Book:

“Queensland’s German connections: past, present and future – 170 years strong (1842-2012)”, to give the book its full title, is the outcome of a two-year project by three experienced Brisbane writers: Matt Tesch, Robin Kleinschmidt (themselves of German descent from 1860s arrivals) and Moreton Bay historian Peter Ludlow.

From the Granite Belt to the Atherton Tableland, from Moreton Bay to Mackay, and from Brisbane to Cardwell, the book’s content ranges from stories of the first immigrants in the 19thcentury, across the social, cultural, economic and political contributions they and their successors have made, to the shared collaborations of the 21stcentury, investigating biofuels, cancer research and hypersonic flight.

A full-colour work filled with almost 600 illustrations (pictures, maps, tables and graphics) in its 376 pages, the book examines a broad range of topics and themes with the common thread of Queensland’s connections with Germany.