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I like to live in the present time, as well as in the historical past; and in other areas as well as Moreton Bay. This blog is a way of keeping you informed of my current thoughts and activities.

5 thoughts on “About My Blogs

  1. Congratulations Peter on Moreton Bay History.I also local freebased historian for a long time study Gold Coast heritage ocean/river routes and where that takes me.I too share your observations that all is linked each way you look at.Wise you are to include Gold Coast on:Timeline(here’s my gratitude for your excellent contributions) re (1865) As early as 1828-9 Convicts began surfing shackled to cedar rafts from afar as Stotts Island.Rafting down Tweed river checked at (Pt Danger Guard post @ Fingal ‘southside’) out with ebb tide swing north on low tide surfing the inside swells wrapping Gold Coast points northward approaching the racing tide thru South Passage(Nerang Head/s) often too wild fighting off all Albert rivers (no Jumpin pin bar then).Failing this entry meant oceanside gamble along Stradbroke/s Islands landing their rafts at either Settlement lumber yard- @24ft wide or Dunwich -@22ft wide, later being the width of rafts or supply ships i’d say?. Macleay Island rafting ground..said to play a gathering role of some time/kind. I am modest enough to do a flyer(needs a book) ‘Raft Surfing is unique in our world’ and was long continued by 100’s of free timber raftsmen seemingly up to your date perhaps longer.(Almost as rare to the world is to have so much descriptive story and so many photos of local rafts mostly later in 1890’s) Add that Stotts Island,Macleay grounds and Dunwich landing are all protected or intact,an amazing proud unique surfing route also our Pioneer Route no1. Seems fitting you should be first to be clued in.Again well done Peter,good fortune to you.I am truly inspired Mr Shane E Wilson.PS I’ve been aboard Amity ‘replica’, it’s detail is brilliant,spared no cost, please feel free to recommend any nautical type folk to visit- breathtaking and stunning is Albany.Real Amity was tired and went down off Tassie!


  2. Thank you Peter Ludlow for sharing your research. My grandparents were German and Scandinavian assisted immigrants and your research is wonderful for providing me with the context of their migration.


  3. I was reading your story on Tangalooma and about Bob Dyer Dwyer catching the world’s largest shark.
    I was only young and we hardly ever went near Tangalooma because of all the oil floating on the surface. If it got onto the paintwork on the side of your boat, it had to be repainted. We had a 42′ boat built by my father and grandfather. Anyway, Tennesee 2 was there with sides of beef hanging over the side with quite a few sharks enjoying a feed. Bob lent over the side and pointed. The deckhand lent over and placed a hook in the shark’s mouth. The Tenessee 2 moved off and Bob pulled in the worlds largest shark.


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