I am now available for 2019 speaking engagements to interested public groups such as Probus, Rotary, History and Family History Groups.

All enquiries to Peter Ludlow on 0438343791


Saturday, October 13, 2018: (Note change of date) CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER – TO BE RESCHEDULED

Peel Island church service in the former Catholic Church, Peel Island Lazaret (subject to weather conditions).

Thursday, January 10, 2019: I’ll be guest speaker at the Toondah Probus Club. My topic will be ‘The History and Maintenance of Peel Island‘ – Venue will be the Cleveland RSL, 8 Passage Street, Cleveland. Commencing time is 9:30.

January, 2019: I have been asked to contribute an article of about 6,000 words focussing on the pre-1859 history of Moreton Bay and adjacent districts for a special issue of Queensland Review for the Harry Gentle Resource Centre. My choice of subject is to be entitled ‘Early German Migration to Queensland’. This is a peer-reviewed publication, aiming for issue 1 in July 2019.


‘The History and Maintenance of Moreton Peel Island’. In this power point presentation I highlight Peel Island’s history including pre-European occupation, its use by Europeans and, in 2007, the Island’s gazettal as a National Park and Conservation Park and the Lazaret Buildings as a Heritage Site. I also look at Peel’s future when the island will be placed under the full control of the Quandamooka People, under whose guidance a new era of tourism and cultural exchange holds great promise.

‘Port of Brisbane’ In this power point presentation I follow the development of our port from its wharves in the city centre and move with them downriver to their  present location at Fisherman Islands. It is also a history of the Brisbane River itself, from Aboriginal times to the present day, encompassing our association with the river through commerce, study, and recreation.

‘Family History Begins at Home’. This power point presentation is not just a straight ‘how to research family history’, but more about the things I have found interesting in my own family history which could be applied to other family history research.

‘Reminders of People Past’. In this power point presentation, I look at just a few of the people who helped form the communities that now make up our Northern Moreton Bay Region – and how we remember them today. When explorer John Oxley recommended Redcliffe Point as the site for a settlement, he ushered in a great influx of immigrants. Here, I highlight the lives and influences of those who followed him and who called the region home.

‘Queensland’s German Connections’. In this power point presentation, I look at the many and varied contributions by Germans to Queensland, from the first German immigrants in the 19th century, across the social, cultural and economic contributions they and their successors have made, to the shared collaborations of the 21st century, investigating bio-fuels and hypersonic flight.


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