Redland Bay Reflections with Julie Love

The Williams’ family was local to the Redlands area for many years. In 1955 my father, John McGinnis Williams, bought a house on the Esplanade at Redland Bay opposite the barge ramp (next to the house that had a rounded nautical front). He also had a boat shed down on Weinam Creek on Auster Street. As a child I remember someone putting up the sign “Ruster Street”, named after Rusters (fishermen) who also had a boat shed beside the creek. But something happened to the “R” and it became “A”. 

When my father died the shed was sold and bought years ago by Roger Moore. In 2009 I went to the Redland Bay State School Reunion and visited Roger and Cheryl at their house on the Esplanade. Roger produced some large photos of speedboats (from my father’s races in 1925) that he had found in the roof of the shed. Apparently, my father had stored them up there and forgotten about them. A bit of red soil on them after 80 years but still in good nick! I have included these images on my website:

Miss Brisbane with Mac and the mechanic Les White on the Brisbane River at Kangaroo Point. The Botanic Gardens can be seen in the background. Photo from the Williams Collection.

I have many good memories of my childhood at the Bay. Vaguely remember a paddle steamer going past Redland Bay – must have been just after 1955. My father had quite a few boats in Weinam Creek. He employed Ricky Watts as his labourer. Poor Ricky had the job of working in the mud digging out new slips (dad usually had about 3 boats on the slips or in the creek at a time). Ricky was very good with boats. His father, the corpulent (as I remember) Dick Watts was very good on propellers. My father was very keen that I was a good boatie as early as possible. I still remember the cheers from the other boat-shed owners as I rowed a dinghy solo to the mouth of Weinam Creek when I was about 7 years old. High tide of course. On low tide you had to get out in the middle of the creek and push the dinghy over the mud banks. Yuk. Thank goodness I was a “tomboy” and didn’t mind getting dirty. 

Weinam Creek, Redland Bay in 2011

Around 1960 my father bought a property at Victoria Point. Stretching from Colburn Avenue to the water, there were two houses. The top house had been originally owned by Dr. Ernest Sandford Jackson. History. The bottom huts were haunted by a little black boy. But that’s another story…. 

Julie Love 

Cairns 2010 

(Extract from Peter Ludlow’s book ‘Moreton Bay People 2012’ (now out of print)

Editor’s note: Here is a photo of a section of Rusters’ boat yard taken by myself in about 1990. I had been interviewing Eric Reye from whose vessel, this photo was taken:

Section of Rusters boat yard, Redland Bay c.1990

2 thoughts on “Redland Bay Reflections with Julie Love

  1. Hi Julie, as a resident of the SMBislands, I am sure, if you have not visited for a while, you would be very surprised at the development at the passenger ferry marina at Redland Bay and also at the old Moore’s farm, which has been developed, by the RCC, into a large overflow carpark for the many many people who need parking at the marina. It is funny that you write about Auster St, as I had never heard of it before, yesterday, when I investigated the exact placement of a proposed apartment and villa development, “Wayfarers” to be built on the side of the creek. If you look at the photo you have provided, showing the boats next to the green two story building, which houses a cafe on the top floor, is where it will be built, the repair slip businesses where given their notices a couple of years back, they are selling the development off the plan now. You can check out a computer generated flyover of the full development planned for Weinam Creek on the RCC website, which will also now include a satellite hospital. I too, like to look back and have fond memories of Cribb Island on the northside, before it was levelled to make way for the airport runway extension back in the ’70’s, but you can’t stop progress and it appears it has finally reached Redland Bay, with a new Woolies being built now up at the village along Broadwater Terrace. The facilities at the marina, will be much appreciated by the SMBI’s who population is currently increasing at a great rate

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  2. Hi Julie
    A nice article, thank you.
    One of the Ruster fishermen was my late Grandfather Arwed, more affectionately known as ‘Weeds’.
    I remember fondly in the sixties getting up during the very early mornings and going along on his crabbing run in the single cylinder diesel boat with him.
    His house was on the corner of Ruster St and the boat shed photo and jetty is pretty much as I remember it.
    It is correct the street was named Ruster Street.
    Apparently and after much research by my Sister Annette it was discovered the local authority at some stage mistook the spelling of R as an A.
    Despite much advocacy and the research by her during the 80’s the authorities would not correct the spelling.
    Subsequently in time the Rusters Reserve was named after the Ruster Brothers and we all attended the opening with our Mother Camille (nee Ruster)


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