Relaxing at Phillip Island

Phillip Island has some pretty unique attractions, most of all the nightly coming ashore of the Little Penguins. It’s a wonder the hundreds of human spectators don’t put them off. Then there is the chocolate factory. It’s hard to miss as it’s one of the first attractions you come to on the island. Rev heads flock to the GP Circuit at certain times of the year, but fortunately for us, this was not one of them. Then there are the quiet sandy beaches on Western Port Bay or the surfing beaches on the rugged ocean side of the island.

This welcoming picture at our rental house says it all!
This welcoming picture at our rental house says it all!

We stayed five nights this time: enough time to see all the compulsory attractions and then – relax! Clementine resorted to collecting shells, while we did little else but eat, drink coffee, walk, and gnash our teeth at the jigsaw puzzle kindly left by the landlord.

The start of Clementine's shell collection
The start of Clementine’s shell collection

Phillip Island is a very beautiful place; its green fields and ocean cliffs remind me very much of Ireland, and we had our share of rain while we were there but mostly it was at night. Its September days were bracing but ideal for walking. Sundown was the best time for a stroll because one is likely to see a wallaby feeding or a family of rabbits. (Strange to us Queenslanders where there is a hefty fine, $44,000, for keeping rabbits. I guess they are not in plague proportions here yet).

A farm at Phillip Island
A farm at Phillip Island

I hadn’t tried a jigsaw puzzle for over 50 years, so I was quite surprised at how it gradually drew me into it again. After struggling with it for all of our stay, we had to admit defeat and leave it unfinished. A 1,000 piece jigsaw knows no time limit.

Some holidays just aren't long enough
Some holidays just aren’t long enough

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